Outdoor Event Contract


This agreement for rental space and/or catering services is hereby entered into by and between the following parties:

Horizons Catering
60 Moody Park Drive
Halifax, NS B3V 1B8
Tel: (902) 477-4617 ext. 3,3
Email: catering@armdaleyachtclub.ns.ca
Contact Person: Andy Thomson


[INSERT CLIENT NAME] (Hereinafter referred & referenced as “Client”)
[Contact Person]

1. Place of event (venue):

2. Address of event:

3. City:                                   Province:                           Postal Code:

4. Type of event:

5. Date of event:                   Start time:                        End time:

6. Fees: The total event and catering fee agreed upon is $__________.  A non-refundable reservation fee of $500.00 is required to secure catering services for the event. This amount shall be subtracted from the total fee. The remaining balance must be paid NO LATER than 14 days prior to the start of the event. Failure to comply with this payment date may result in the loss of services. Services requested less than 14 days before the event date will require immediate payment. Fees must be paid via e-transfer, payable to chefandy@horizonscatering.ca, or by cheque, payable to Horizons Catering. Cancellation of an event must be done prior to 14 days before the event. Cancellation within 14 days before the event will result in a payment of 50 % of the total fee. Cancellation within 7 days before the event will result in a payment of 100% of the total fee. In the event of non-payment, Horizons Catering retains the right to attempt collection through all legal and permissible means.

7. Additional Fees: Transportation cost is $15 within HRM, additional cost outside HRM,
depending on distance. The rental of linens, dinnerware, flatware, glassware, tables, chairs, cooking equipment, etc. will be subject to an additional fee and insurance in some instances. In the event that Horizons Catering incurs additional expenses at the client’s request, a subsequent invoice will be forwarded.

8. Horizons Catering will not be responsible for the proper serving and consumption of alcohol unless we are providing the liquor license and bar service for the event.

9. This agreement of Horizons Catering to perform shall be excused by acts of God, or any other legitimate condition beyond Horizons Catering control.


Signed by:      Andy Thomson (Horizons Catering)



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